“About a year ago we engaged with Gym Rat Performance Training & Coach Andrew Kurzawski – for training for our daughter’s senior high school basketball season. After an awful junior year my daughter truly was considering giving up this game she loves. The goal was for physical growth as well as basketball intelligence and skills. What we received was so much more. First, the interest Andrew took in my daughter was perfect. So many trainers are only interested in their own program and simply try to shoe horn the athlete into it. Andrew sat down with us and our daughter to discuss her goals and put together a plan of action to accomplish it. After listening to her concerns, and quite honestly complaints, he challenged her to put those away and to not let other people or perceptions define her. She was in control of her own definitions and it was up to her to take it on. This message was continually reinforced. My daughter got it and after that what happened was amazing. Andrew helped rekindle a dying love of the game in her. Out of that came confidence and a drive to become the best she could be. Over the summer she was the leading scorer in her summer league. In the fall she won all tournament awards. In her senior season she helped lead her team to a second-place finish in their section and the school’s first playoff win in years (also the leading scorer in the game). She also set a school record this year for most foul shots made in a game. Did Andrew do this? No, my daughter did, but Andrew helped bring out what was already there and challenged her to overcome the negativity and restore her confidence. Over and above this, Andrew was directly responsible for my daughter having multiple offers to play basketball in college. This has been a lifelong dream of hers. Without him, she would not have been on the radar of most of these coaches. He is a constant cheerleader for her and many other girls in the Pittsburgh area – all of which will be playing college basketball. He is challenging and can be tough, but it is done with a love for the game and the kids. We have engaged with other trainers and while Gym Rat Performance training is a profession for Andrew, he is the only trainer that we worked with who truly took my daughter to the next level and cared about her not just as client. If you want more information I would be happy to answer any questions.”

Dave Boff, Gym Rat Performance Training Parent (Father of Keira Boff – Belle Vernon Area HS)

My sophomore year I met Coach Andrew Kurzawski while being recruited to play Division III basketball at Penn State Beaver. At that time, he was introduced to me as the assistant coach under Coach Tim Moore and I had made my decision to attend Penn State Beaver solely because of the great coaching staff of the women’s basketball team. It wasn’t until my junior year that I was introduced to Gym Rat Personal Training through other college athletes and since then Coach Kurzawski has done nothing but better my athletic career. At the end of my junior year, I had to have reconstructive ankle surgery if I wanted to continue to play the sport that I love. Not only did Coach Kurzawski help me get back to playing, but he gave me back the confidence that I thought I had lost. Every workout was personalized to my own strengths and weaknesses and Andrew’s effort didn’t stop there. He helped me get exposure to play at the next level and will continue to get me ready to play in the NAIA for Carlow University, where I have officially decided to play basketball. Coach Kurzawski’s experience and knowledge of basketball has taught me to fight through adversity and that if you continue to work hard behind the scenes, somebody will notice you. Aside from basketball, he has also helped me make positive lifestyle changes and has always pushed me in the right direction. Through Coach Kurzawski, I have discovered a passion for weight-lifting and cannot wait to work with him in the summer in hopes to one day compete in a lifting competition. He has been the only trainer that I have worked with that focuses on the individual, no matter what skill level you’re at. I know if anybody can get me to my future goals, it’s Coach Kurzawski. My senior season has been the greatest year for me and I truly do owe it to Coach Kurzawski and Gym Rat PT for being dedicated to making me be the best that I can be on and off the court. I look forward to working with him for many years to come!

Taylor Lambright, Gym Rat Performance Training Trainee (Blackhawk High School / Carlow University Commit)